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  • Miscellaneous Adhesives and Glues, view details
  • Miscellaneous Adhesives and Glues, view details
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Miscellaneous Adhesives and Glues
Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive)
Fusion 830 1-3 sec. set time 1 oz. bottle
Fusion 508 Gel 12-50 sec. set time 20 oz. tube
Contact Cement
#WA600 General purpose contact adhesive Flammable 1 gal. can
PC-11 Heavy Duty White Epoxy Paste 1/2 hour working time 2 part A+B = 1 lb. cans
Sealant/Adhesive Caulk
Sikaflex 11FC Cartridge Caulk gun grade general purpose adhesive and sealant 10.3 fl. oz.
GE Silicone Rubber Adhesive
RTV 108 Translucent 2.8 oz. tube
RTV 103 Black 2.8 oz. tube